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“Forged in the Stars” on NPR December 16, 2009

Posted by jayocallahan in Projects.

Jay recorded a 48-minute “broadcast” of his NASA story, “Forged in the Stars”, for NPR’s Living on Earth. It will air the weekend after Christmas. You can listen to the story Christmas night on Living on Earth’s website www.loe.org. To find out when Living on Earth is broadcast on your local NPR station go to www.loe.org, click on Where To Tune In, then click on your state or go directly to your local NPR station.



1. Abby - December 26, 2009

This story was totally rad.

2. jenn nahrstadt - December 27, 2009

i happened to hear the broadcast today as i was coming home from lowe’s. i had to sit in the car until a break so that i wouldn’t miss a minute! then i rushed inside and my son and i listened to the rest of the telling.

it was a beautiful experience, and i nearly cried when kate talked about christa mcauliffe. i’m so glad you included that portion of nasa’s history. the way you portrayed armstrong’s landing as a retelling was special too. had no idea about jc high eagle, and i feel i am a richer person because of that knowledge.

thanks for all the hard work, all the research and reading and interviewing and transcribing, that made this possible. fantastic!

3. Martha Trammell - March 18, 2010

I am a support person at JSC and watched Jay’s presentation done here. I was so touched. And I can attest to the fact that most people in the space program dont see it as just a job. It is a mission. We take very seriously the job of putting our friends in tin cans, lighting the rocket under them and sending them into space. Our hearts are right there with them all the way. Thank you Jay O’Callahan for bringing our story to the masses. I wish this presentation was required for graduation from Jr. High school. Open those little minds up early.

4. Jose Romo - December 25, 2010

Chirstmas day, visiting my sister, I drive under the rain, then the CD reads ‘error’ but it was a heavenly mistake since as I pressed ‘eject CD’ the radio began to broadcast this wonderful story.

I am a fervent esthusiast of stars, reading about them, watching them, pondering our diminutiveness in this vast universe…. then I this great story teller with his enchanting voice. I sat, listened, and was, as many very, very moved.

Thank you for such a great gift on this very special day.

5. Rick Hickman - December 25, 2010

I heard this on KQED radio on my way back home from a Christmas party today. It’s worth sharing with the younger generations who will surely appreciate the message and pass it on.

Is there an easy way you could send it electronically to me asap in a format that I could easily forward to family members? Some of us are getting together Monday and I don’t really have the time or inclination to go through the subscription process. There are others scattered around the world, and even some in the belly of the Microsoft beast with the power to change the world.

I promise to pay you forward, Jay.
Merry Christmas

6. Meg - January 2, 2011

Hey- can you help me? I heard this thing on the radio that they said was “Forged in the Stars” but it’s different than this one. The one I heard talked about them gathering great music to make the golden record to send into space….I’m trying to find it and I’m confused….:) thanks

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