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Workshop on Cortes Island, British Columbia May 18, 2010

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Come to my storytelling workshop at the Hollyhock Retreat Center on Cortes Island, August 14-19, 2010. Hollyhock is one of the most beautiful places on earth. You’ll have a chance to nourish your creativity in an atmosphere filled with humor and appreciations. My exercises are whimsical, deeply considered and they reveal the storyteller in everyone.

Everybody and everything has a story. In fact, we are filled with stories. These stories can be memories of events, characters, places and moments in our lives. When a memory is called forth, the storytelling is often fresh and interesting; the details are sharp, as is the sense of place, characters and the event itself. These forgotten memories are at the heart of good storytelling. I’ll draw your memories out with what I call Sparks.

The workshop is not just for storytellers. The secret is we’re all storytellers. The workshop is open to anyone: ministers, poets, an actors, a builders or students, salesmen, storytellers, educators – anyone interested in the creative process. Come! It will be a wonderful experience in your life. We will also have two writing times. They will be optional.

Songwriter and storyteller Mandi Kujawa from Banff, Canada will assist me in helping you use sound, rhythm, repetition, song, movement and imagery to tell your story.

For more information or to sign up for the workshop, visit Hollyhock’s website.

Participants’ comments after taking one of Jay’s workshops:

“After the workshop was over, I felt so alive. A part of me for which there’s little time in daily life had been given space to waken and bloom. This experience confirmed that I had an important story to give voice to and gave me confidence I had the writing skills to do it.”

-Jennifer Farley Smith, Writer and Storyteller

“. . . the laughter of people and the sound of Jay’s voice, I knew this was going to be one of those special moments that life brings. It was magical and never to be forgotten.”

-Lesley Dowding, New Zealand Storyteller

“What could be more spiritually refreshing than being in an intimate group of storytellers next to the beauty and energy of the sea? Jay is a master at setting the boundaries for a safe environment where you can feel free to explore and take chances”

– Dee Kimbrell, Storyteller, Author, Workshop Leader

“This is the place to come to grow my craft in a safe, fun community. We laugh, sing, weep a bit and share.

-Betty Kornitzer, Unitarian Universalist Minister



1. cathrynwellner - May 18, 2010

Very cool! I love blogging and the people I’m meeting because of it, the heartfelt e-mails, the shared conversations. So I’m thrilled you’re putting your creative musings out into the world, where those of us who love you can follow the dance of your thoughts.

2. laura simms - May 19, 2010

this sounds so gorgeous. I love how you describe the freshness of memory that can be awakened in such a situation and how everyone has a story. I wish I could come and take your workshop! and to have a singer such as Mandi. Totally alluring.

I never commented on Van gogh.. but I loved reading it. when I teach storytelling I always begin with being present, seeing and then hearing. Seeing being a gateway to the senses.. so conjuring up Van Gogh in Paris was redolent with perception and memory. I saw Van Goghs once in Holland. I was very young and traveling alone. It was a scintillating moment.. relived again at the Met in New York a few years ago. Some kind of mystery of how a painter works.. when our pallette is language and visuals that arise in space…… best best

3. Kathy Dempsey - May 19, 2010

Hello from your train-mate from Assisi Italy. We met in 2005 when your passport was stolen. You told me stories then helped me with my AIDS story on our 2 hour train ride! You are awesome! I am hoping to come to your storytelling workshop this summer.
Best to you!
Keep Shedding,
Kathy Dempsey
“The Lizard Lady”
Scottsdale, AZ

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