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Drawing Creativity Out of People February 14, 2013

Posted by jayocallahan in Creativity.

My task in a workshop is to lead participants out of the boxes we all make out of ordinary life. In one workshop I worked with breaking the restraint of proximity. The participants broke up into pairs, they stood up and I asked them to imagine they are on a subway in Japan. They were so close to a Japanese person they avoided making eye contact. The participants were told they did not speak Japanese and the Japanese subway rider did not speak English. They were given thirty seconds and asked to find someway to make contact. One participant smelled something very odd and was able to make a face indicating it was the smell that allowed her to communicate to the other person. Another participant waited almost twenty-nine seconds and then shifted quickly to the right as if the subway car had jostled her, and her eyes flew open and that’s the way she communicated. The idea of this was to find a creative way to make contact with a person you’ll never see again without offending them.

Each day presents small or large opportunities to be creative. At this time in my life what interests me most is drawing creativity out of people.



1. Pat Schneider - February 14, 2013

I love you, Jay O’Callahan. I won’t even try to imagine how many people have had their creativity stirred up by you — lovely, loving genius that you are.

2. marnigillard - February 14, 2013

And we get this invite to WAKE UP to our own juicy imaginations on VALENTINES DAY….. what a lover of life you are, Jay. Big smoooooooooch!

3. Don Herald - February 14, 2013

Creative Jay O’Callahan. Those three words just seem to naturally go together, I think!

To remind me of the importance of creativity in my life, I have it on my custom license plate: CR8VE. That plate sparks a lot of interesting and often creative discussions with complete strangers. Ciao. Don Herald in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

4. Story Talbot (Medicine Story) - February 16, 2013

Thanks Jay – good to read about what you are into these days – we are in Europe half the year and I miss hearing you tell stories – glad to have recordings, but it’s not the same as you live!

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