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We’re All Creative! February 25, 2013

Posted by jayocallahan in Creativity.

We’re all creative! I’ve learned that giving workshops – storytelling and writing workshops – for over thirty years. I’ve also learned that there is something in our cultural genes that fashions invisible doors inside which we learn NOT to create. As a result . . . crayons are put away when we’re seven. Clay is put away after camp. Poems are no longer written after high school or college. On and on.

This is absurd. Life is short. Create! Sing a lullaby to your child. Make one up. Who cares if it isn’t “good.” Wink at someone. Plant a lettuce you’ve never tried.

What helps with our creativity? Support, encouragement, playfulness – a listener. And perhaps a workshop. The purpose of my creativity workshops whether they’re storytelling or writing is to lead you through the invisible doors to create. In a storytelling workshop you discover the seeds of a story. In a writing or storytelling workshop you may write a poem, find a tune, discover something new about yourself. We’re all creative. You can walk through the invisible doors.

April 26-28, 2013 I’ll be leading a Creativity and Storytelling Workshop, When Arts Collide We Discover Something New. Tara Law, an intermedia artist, will co-lead the workshop with me. We will explore art and story without dividing lines. For more information on the workshop visit my Workshop Website Page.



1. Tom Henehan - February 26, 2013

I plan to begin a new moment as a missioner and creativity is key to what I have in mind. Creativity is what we need in the faith community more than anything. Many blessings… your classmate!

2. Joan Kyler - February 27, 2013

One of my favorite things is to smile at strangers to see if I can create a smile on their faces.

3. Mark McNulty (@McNulty927) - February 27, 2013

The same message I try to tell my 3rd graders who quickly claim they are not good writers or have nothing to write about. Everyone is a writer, everyone has a story to tell! Much appreciated words. As I work to build my own career telling children’s stories, I thank you for the inspiration and look forward to (hopefully) enjoying your performance at my alma mater next week!

jayocallahan - March 4, 2013

Hi Mark, I look forward to meeting you at Boston College High School. I’m delighted to hear you’re building your own career telling children’s stories. That is so important! Best, Jay

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