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Creativity – What Are Your Dreams? March 7, 2013

Posted by jayocallahan in Creativity.

What are your dreams? Do you dare to say what they are?

In my April creativity workshop you’ll have a chance to draw your dream with crayons, to dance your dream, to tell your dream to a partner. You’ll have a chance to put the world away for a weekend and listen, feel supportive and create.

Whether it’s a writing workshop or a storytelling and creativity workshop, I use “sparks” – short words like the word shoe or dance to draw out memories, which are deep inside and just need a chance to emerge.

Dream! Herman Melville’s Moby Dick is one of the great novels ever written. Sadly, it was not well received but he wrote it. He did it! After Melville’s death, his family found taped inside his desk a piece of paper saying: “Keep true to the dreams of thy youth.”

For information on my upcoming workshops visit my Workshops Webpage.



1. marnigillard - March 7, 2013

BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!! (wish i could come!)

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