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April 17, 2014

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It was very exciting to perform “Forged in the Stars” at Georgia Tech last Friday. It’s a beautiful campus and as I walked down to the auditorium I passed students speaking many languages. Students come from all over the world to Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech graduates 12% of the nations aerospace engineers and has also graduated fourteen US astronauts.

The performance was organized by Wilton Rooks, an engineer who worked in NASA’s propulsion research. Wilton, a Georgia Tech graduate, and a graduate student, Hasan Tawab, warmed the audience up singing the Georgia Tech Fight Song, “I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech and a helluva engineer.” There’s nothing like getting the audience singing before telling a long story.

It was a joy to tell “Forged in the Stars” and it was fun to talk after the performance to students, engineers and even some kids as young as nine. Along with the Voyager, we sailed out of our solar system and beyond.

The following day I did a workshop organized by the marvelous Janice Butt. It was called Four Secrets of Storytelling. The big secret was the participants were playful, imaginative and brilliant. Storytellers are the best!



1. Kathleen Lomatoski - April 17, 2014

Jay, thank you for continuing to inspire and for reminding me continually the marvel, power and necessity of stories. I am grateful that you take such delight in sharing stories and that you listen so well to those around you. You always taught me that the telling and the listening go hand in hand. Bravo!
Yours in appreciation, Kathleen Lomatoski

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