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43rd Christmas Revels, Cambridge, MA December 19, 2013

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Photo by Roger Ide

As a storyteller I generally perform alone but I’m in the midst of performing on stage with a big cast at the Christmas Revels. We’ve done five shows so far and have twelve more to do. We’re at one of the great halls in all of Boston. It’s the Sanders Theatre at Harvard University. There are about twelve hundred people in every audience.

The show is set in Galicia, Spain and I’m a character called Everyman who has to make a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and then onto the end of the earth where he will meet his fate – death. But then he is revived with a touch of mistletoe. It’s so exciting to be onstage with everybody and almost more exciting to be downstairs at the break when we do two shows. The show is filled with music of Galcia and it’s filled with wonderful artists: bagpipers, drummers, violinists, fiddlers, a brass section and a huge chorus. What a world to be in. It makes me wonder what it was like to be in Shakespeare’s Elizabethan England.



1. Lois Phinney - December 19, 2013

Wish we lived close enough to attend. It sounds like a wonderful

Lynne Read - December 20, 2013

I feel the same. Wish I were close enough to attend. How come you never travel to Florida? It’s warm down here!

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